This is My Story

Who is Sarah?

I’m a mom, I’m a partner.

I’m a teacher, I’m a coach.

I’m a friend, I’m a survivor.

This is my family in May of 2015 minus my oldest Emily (15) who wasn’t feeling social, and I respect that!

I graduated from Taft High School in 2000 when my daughter Emily was 16 months old. I’ve done the college thing a few times, but I’ve learned that it’s just not for me. I’ve owned a small business, 2 homes, and lived on the beautiful Oregon coast since 1999. I enjoyed working in the retail field for a few years, but learned that the corporate world and I aren’t made for each other! I enjoy the freedom working from home provides my family and I.

I have been on a personal development journey since August of 2012, but it’s really been going on my entire life. It’s my personality type to always be learning. When I learn to do something, I want to do it WELL! 

I have had the privilege of receiving one on one coaching with network marketing professionals such as Mark Hoverson, Diane Hochman, Greg Gomez III, Brenda Gagne, Larry Hochman, Justin Glover, Jimmy Davis, and Kimball Roundy.

I have consumed more than 20 personal development books and have stacks of notebooks filled with notes and inspiration from attending 5 live events and countless webinars.

Do you think I’m telling you this to make you think I am better than you? 

I’m not, I promise.

That’s just a limiting belief trying to tell you that you CAN’T!

Do not compare yourself to anyone!

Your journey is uniquely your own just as mine has been.

BUT, I have failed more times than many have tried. I am determined to live a happy, healthy, successful life. I will not allow society to dictate what “successful” means. I will not settle. I want an amazing, spectacular experience for not only myself but my children. I have high standards, and I push myself everyday to meet and exceed them. I’ve also learned to accept others as they are!

I do not accept that life sucks because it doesn’t.

It’s a journey.

This is my journey, and I struggle.

I choose to make a lot of my life public, because it is my belief that I am not alone.

If something is difficult for me, there are bound to be 100 women struggling with the same thing. If I figure out a short cut or a quickest path to success, I’m going to share it!

I share it not because I want recognition, but because I want to be the person I needed in my life when I became a teen mom.

When I was harassed in high school, but still stuck it out and graduated with my class.

When I was degraded by doctors and state employees, even grocery clerks for needing assistance.

When I struggled to balance being a single mom to a busy 2 year old, a full load of college courses, and a full time job.

When I dealt with postpartum depression.

When I went through a divorce, lost my business and home in the same year while being a single mother to 4 beautiful children.

When I was physically abused and then alone during my 5th pregnancy.

When I was homeless with 5 children…

You are not alone. I found support in the online community that is Facebook. I made genuine connections and found real friends. I found the light and JUST KEPT SWIMMING.

I was not alone. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! 

I am a coach, because I want to help guide you out of the darkness through the storm and into the light.

Happiness is possible in any situation despite any circumstances.

It comes from within.

I have a 30 day email series that will teach you how to implement a new way of thinking and establish new habits that will transform your life.

One step at a time, one day at a time in less than an hour a day.

With the right path and good support, anything is possible if only you believe.

If you are ready for change, contact me now to get started.

How do you define success?


My Core Values

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