My 3 boys were playing this card game from a diary of a wimpy kid.

Kyan was reading the cards.

Seth and Jacob were climbing on the bunk beds like a jungle gym and giving the answers.

As I wandered in, he asked the question,

“Of the players which one of you is going to be famous later in life and for what?

I asked them, “Who’s gonna be famous?”

Jacob and Seth’s hands immediately shot up!!

Seth wants to bring back dinosaurs.

Jacob wants to create a new species.

Then Kyan points out that we all can be famous for different things.

I asked Kyan what he wants to be famous for…

He wants to create a new fuel source.

“Fuel source for what, Kyan?”

He says “Driving cars, keeping houses warm, ya know. Power.”

We hi-fived.

Then they all three turned to me and Seth said, “What about you Mom? What do you want to be famous for?”

I stuttered.

“I dunno, buddy.”

And wandered out of the room as they continued to play.

I put the pizza in the oven and sat down to look at my blog.

“What do I want to be famous for?”

Well, I don’t want to be famous, but I do want to be known.

Famous to me is movie star status.

No thanks.

I want to be known for creating a community that connects other moms to the tools they need to live balanced lives.

My blog is about my journey raising 6 children while being a work from home internet marketer.

I have my blog broken up into 4 subjects.

Health and Fitness
[email protected] the story of me
Internet Marketing
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