Getting restarted with your business probably isn’t something you ever expected!!

But now that we’re here, let’s get through it together, huh!?

Getting Restarted with Your Business

Getting Restarted with Your Business


Have you found that you’ve lost your passion some where?

Here are 3 simple steps to take to get you back on track!

Are you ready to get restarted in your business? Are you ready to hit the ground running!?!?

Have you been dreaming of earning those promotions, lighting up the leader boards, earning the big checks, and growing a team?

My number one recommendation:



Step 1: Make your plan! Set goals for yourself that are realistic but big enough to get you EXCITED! Then create a weekly method of operation that is sustainable. That’s right. Let’s create a routine you can commit to doing everyday for the next 6 months. K.I.S.S. I do this by using reverse goal setting and a tracking tool.

Need help with a W.M.O.?

Step 2: What caused you to fail, stop, or lose your passion in the first place? This is very important because if you don’t identify your weakness, you cannot grow. I like to follow Gary Vaynerchuk, and he shares that self awareness is the MOST important attribute.
Awareness is the first step on the path of growth. Identify your weaknesses so they don’t sneak up on you!

Step 3: Get a coach! Find a mentor who is doing, living, and achieving what you want to achieve! What rank are you shooting for? L3 & Diamond for me personally.. I will be completely transparent and say I did not have success online until I found and paid a mentor. She’s super amazing and offers free mentoring when I use her training platform. YEEEEES!!! Anyways, be coach-able and find someone NOW if you are serious about advancing in your business. Check out the place where I’ve started mentoring my clients using the same platform as my mentor! I figured that if I needed training for the training to make sense for me, then others must need it too.


You’re going to fall down again. I guarantee it. You will also guarantee that you will learn more from your failures than you will from your successes! Everything is a lesson. I promise you, but getting restarted can become a bad habit. For a lot of people, it becomes an EVERY month or even worse an EVERY MONDAY occurrence. It’s up to you to decide to dig in and keep going. It’s up to you to get back up again.




Thanks for reading! I hope this helps you TODAY!

If you’re looking for some one on one coaching, the first step is reaching out!!!

Shoot me a message, I don’t bite! I do teach positioning and boundary setting right off the bat though!

“How bow dat!?”

just ask my clients,




I have a saying… If you aren’t going to use it right now, DON’T LEARN IT~

I was on a webinar just last week and the speaker’s motto was:

“When you don’t know how to do it, SCREW IT!” She is already outsourcing!


I ditched Mom Brain and created Balanced Mom dot Life



Always be growing,

Sarah Cole


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