What to do when you’re feeling stuck according to Tony Robbins!

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People suffer because they obsess about themselves.

All they can think about is what they’re losing.

What they’re missing out on, or what they’ll never have.

But do you know what?!

It’s not true!

It’s just NOT TRUE!

You only believe it because you’re letting your head take over instead of your body and your heart.

Anybody who’s plateaued in their job or stuck, saying they don’t know what to do..

I’ll tell you this,

You’ll never get the answer in the “stuck state of mind”.

If you’re angry, if you’re pissed off, if you’re frustrated, if you’re bored

Your brain is not going to come up with the same answer than if you’re feeling inspired or hungry.

The first way to break out of it is to…

FEED that mind!!

READ!! Start with the goal of reading an hour a day.

A Biography, a philosophy or a book about strategy! Go learn how other successful people did it!

The second thing is to get physical! For 10 minutes, do something intense physically!

It changes the way you feel mentally and emotionally and changes your performance.

Third is to get really crystal clear on what you want and find a role model!

The fourth thing to do if you want to stop being depressed is..

Stop focusing on YOURSELF

Take back control by giving to someone else who needs it more than you!

Go serve lunch at a soup kitchen, clean an elderly friends house, whatever!

It doesn’t have to cost money.

Help someone and you will realize that you have NO problems!

Certainly not problems that are unsolvable!

There you have it folks!

2) Get physically active
3) Define your goals and find a mentor


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